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Children suffering from cerebral palsy require special care and plenty of attention because of their disease. Constant monitoring is essential as well. One of the most important parts of their lives is physical therapy and specially designed exercises.

The type of exercises the child is going to perform on a daily basis practically depends on his/her physical limitations. This is why each and every child suffering from cerebral palsy must be examined by a well experienced physical therapist who will create a set of exercises the child will be able to perform and which are going to maintain desirable level of his/her mobility.

If the child is capable enough, he/she should engage in aerobic movement. This type of activity will keep the heart in good condition and also prevent weight gain.

Having Fun while Exercising

The child should not feel that exercising is an obligation. On contrary, this should be a funny and enjoyable part of their every day activities. If exercises are amusing and presented in such manner, the child will be more interested and will participate more willingly.

It is also essential to pay attention on exercise combinations. For instance, if a set of exercises was performed the previous day, different exercises should be planned for the following day.

Children suffering from cerebral palsy may benefit a lot from yoga, horse back riding, swimming, dancing (if it is possible) and a variety of exercises with a ball. Yoga may significantly improve mobility and flexibility. It also keeps muscles well-toned. Horseback riding is amusing to be performed both indoors and outdoors. Swimming is one of the best physical activities for such children. Water will make exercises easier and will provide with lots of fun. The child may experiment in such environment and be more creative. Dancing is recommended only for children who are mobile enough. With plenty of good music the child will simply enjoy being active and will look forward to every following exercise session. Finally, exercises with a ball will improve the child's coordination.

Modern Therapies for Cerebral Palsy

Special needs activity programs can be rather expensive. They are, however, quite beneficial for the child and may significantly improve all the jeopardized functions. But even parents who are not able to pay for such therapies must not lose their hope. By regular exercising with their child they will be able to achieve as much as it is possible with a specially designed programs. Being persistent is what counts most.

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