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Both adults and children may have problems when it comes to establishing a regular exercise routine. However, in time, they usually manage to work their way around all the possible obstacles, standing in the way of them and their successful habit of staying physically active. Yet, children may have more of these obstacles since their lives do not entirely depend on them and their choices.

The Main Barrier to Physical Activity for Children

Taking up certain sport which requires attending regular trainings in a distant club or a location may be a privilege not many can afford. Namely, some parents need to work long hours and cannot find enough time to transport their children to the necessary location. In fact, a survey was conducted recently, showing that this was the case in about 26% of participants in 2002. Now, especially in poorer societies, where both parents work long hours, the numbers have increased to up to 43%. However, some schools are known to provide transportation to such events, so make sure you inquire about this.

Other Obstacles on the Road to Regular Exercising

Again, returning to material problems, some families cannot afford expensive sport equipment or clothing for their child. So, lack of resources can lead to lack of motivation when it comes to being physically active. On the other hand, some schools may lack the necessary programs allowing children to exercise and take up sports. If this is the case, seek help from community centers in your area or arrange group physical activities for your child and other children from the neighborhood. If that fails as well, take the child for a walk and enjoy spending time together, staying physically active.

Money should not stand in the way between your child and a healthy lifestyle. So, if you cannot afford paying for all the participation fees in clubs, gyms and other such places, get your child a dog he/she can walk around the block regularly. Alternatively, once the weekend comes, you can ask the child to invite all of his/her friend for a game of soccer or some other sports in the backyard. Of course, motivating your child for this kind of activity can be tough, especially if he/she would rather play video games all day long. However, limit the time of indulgence in these activities or allow the child to play video games only after a successfully fulfilled exercise quota. Naturally, once your child obeys, prepare some kind of a reward for his/her efforts.

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