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Children should develop healthy habits early in life. Many will try to stay at home, watch some TV or DVD, play video or computer games, but they should be physically active. If parents start to treat exercise as something playful, most kids won’t have any problem to get out and practice soccer, dance or ride a bike. So, what are safe and recommended activities for children?

Start Easy - Walking

Children suffering from excessive weight might not be into much exercise, but walking is something everyone can do, without any particular gear or physical fitness. Short walks around the block can be good start of an exercise routine. Once the kid get used to walking, you can prolong the walk for some extent. Teach your children the importance of walking with an adult person by their side (if they are very young) and also walking on sidewalks or walking paths. Older kids may walk alone, but make sure it is always on agreed routes.

Ride a Bicycle

Kids usually love to ride any bikes, regardless the type or terrain. This exercise is known to positively affect several groups of muscles and it is also considered to be great cardiovascular activity. Make sure your child always wear a helmet during these rides in order to be safe. Young children should stick to bicycle paths, while older kids should learn road rules and only then start to ride on the streets. Children’s night rides require reflecting clothing and reflectors on the bike.Balls, Ropes and Hula Hoops

You can do whatever your child prefers. If he or she is into soccer or Frisbee – do that. If you have basketball fan at your home, take some shots on the court behind your house or in the park. Regardless the game, it will benefit your child’s health. Ropes and hula hoops are also great, because they will definitively improve their coordination and get the blood pumping stronger.

These activities are not dangerous for the kids, but always supervise if there are kids of different age playing together, so that older children won’t even unintentionally hurt younger ones.

Dancing and Yoga

Dancing and yoga are something many parents could do with their children. Play some music on your CD player and start moving to the beats, inviting the children to do the same. Dancing is harmless, but kids should have enough space to move freely, without bumping into someone or something. There are also some kid’s yoga DVD’s and books, so let your child start this practice. Be aware that some advanced yoga asanas (poses) may be harmful for kids, so always play yoga DVDs for children.

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