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Knee Pain Characteristics

Our knee is a very important part ofour body. Being exposed to stress and challenges daily, it may getinjured due to the numerous different factors including direct injury,illnesses and other conditions. Therefore, it is very important toknow how to recognize the correct symptoms of a knee injury, when toseek medical assistance, and how can your knee problems be treated.

Manifestations of Knee Problems

Pain, discomfort and tenderness of theknee area, all serve as best indicators of something being wrong.Apart from these symptoms, depending on the severity, type andlocation of the knee problem, you might experience inflammations,swelling, redness or stiffness upon the area. Moreover, your mobilitymay be jeopardized, causing you to feel unstable because of yourknee. Also, you might be unable to straighten your knee and you mighthear some cracking noise while moving it.

Causes for alarm and immediate visit tothe doctor's involve walking inability or immobility issues of thewhole leg due to knee injury or problem. Additionally, you mightexperience a fever, along with all the above mentioned symptoms.Finally, you might experience complete knee failure and deformity.Upon experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention assoon as possible.

Reasons behind Knee Problems

The first category of knee problemsinvolves a direct, physical injury. This is mostly the case withathletes, since they tend to use their knees excessively, leading topossible complications. Firstly, if you make numerous sudden moveswhile exposing your knees to extreme physical stress, you mightdamage your ligaments. Also, if you twist your knee a lot, you mighttear you meniscus, a rubbery, cartilage layer, protecting the rest ofthis part of your body. Sometimes, overuse may lead to theinflammation of the liquid we all have in our knee. This liquidserves as a lubricant, reducing the strain during knee movement.Finally, tendons may get inflamed, leading to pain, mobility issuesand discomfort.

Second category involves differenttypes of cartilage damage due to some deformations or incorrectmovement. Also, triggered by these same factors, our knee may getdislocated visibly, causing pain, inability to move and numerousother problems. Sometimes, incorrect walking, foot or hip posture,may all contribute to developing knee pain and knee injury.

Alternatively, numerous joint problemssuch as various types of arthritis may all lead to knee problems. Ourknee cartilage may get worn out, causing inflammation. Also, we maysuffer from gout, pseudo gout or many bacterial infections upon ourknee area.

Finally, our kneecap may be poorlyaligned, leading to numerous problems including bone, tendon andligament injury due to friction, colliding and other mishaps. Thelist does not stop there, since there are many other knee problemsyou might experience. Therefore, upon noticing the above mentionedsymptoms, it is best to seek medical assistance in the shortesttimespan possible.

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