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Whenever there is a need to take laxatives, for example due to constipation, it is much better to use natural ones instead of chemical laxative bought in a drugstore. There are many foods that are known for having a laxative effect and they are all recommended whenever a person needs to regulate bowel movements.

Benefits of natural laxatives

Laxatives are foods, ingredients or drugs that are used in order to stimulate bowel movement. They are usually taken because of constipation, especially chronic one. However, there is a great difference between chemical and natural laxatives.

Chemical laxatives can be harmful for the overall health. They often irritate the stomach and the colon too, and they can even cause an addiction. In some people laxatives lead to weight gain and they can even aggravate the chronic constipation.

Natural laxatives, on the other hand, are much more light and more favorable for the overall health. They do not damage any of the organs or functions and they are usually packed with vitamins and minerals. Also, foods with laxative effect cause addiction rarely or never.

Foods with laxative effect

There are many foods and beverages that can be used to treat constipation. Prune juice is a traditional remedy for constipation and its effect is very quick and thorough. This juice softens the stool because it contains soluble fiber, and it is also rich in iron, potassium and vitamin A.

Psyllium husk is another great remedy for constipation. It is sold as a packaged product and it is usually mixed with a glass of water.

Flaxseed oil, olive oil and castor oil are well-known for their laxative effect, and a very quick one too, which is why it is recommended to stay at home after taking them.

Some foods and beverages, like prune juice and psyllium husk products, have an almost immediate effect. Other foods may not work as quickly, but if they are included in the daily diet in moderate amounts, they are bound to solve even a chronic problem with constipation.

Those foods include almonds, avocado, apples, coconut, okra, dates, plums, prunes, olives, figs, grapes, apricots, watercress, garlic, oatmeal, Spanish onion, mango, broccoli, carrots, peas, legumes, tomatoes, parsley and more.

Many herbs can be used for the same purpose because they are known as natural laxatives. Those herbs include alfalfa, triphala, aloe, cassia pulp, Senna pods, tamarind, buckthorn barkroot of angelica and turkey rhubarb.

Considering that there is a wide choice of laxative foods and herbs, it is much better to chose one or two of them instead of using harsh, chemical-based laxatives bought in drugstores.

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