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Information on Homemade Laxatives

Homemade laxative are a natural alternative to all those differenttypes of commercially available laxatives. They are much better and healthierbecause they are natural and because they do not trigger any laxativedependencies. They are also very efficient in providing the colon with optimaloverall health. Constipation is a medical condition which can be characterizedby hard to pass bowel movements which are usually not frequent enough.Constipation can also be the cause of certain other serious medical conditions,and it can be caused by numerous different factors and conditions. The mostcommon causes of constipation include dietary issues, poisoning triggered byheavy metals, side effects of certain types of medicaments and various hormonalchanges. Constipation is commonly treated by enema, laxatives and changeddietary habits. Laxatives are perhaps the least unpleasant solution to theproblem, so they are the ones which are most commonly used. Commerciallyavailable laxative may be harmful because quite often they trigger adependency. Natural laxatives cannot be affiliated with such drawbacks, andthey also do not trigger any sorts of side effects.

Natural Homemade Laxatives

Most natural homemade laxatives can be prepared using onlysimple ingredients which most people have at home. These substances are alsosometimes used by those who want to lose excess weight. Natural homemadelaxatives should not be used for such purposes that often. One of the mostpopular natural laxatives is prune juice. It can be consumed on its own or itcan be mixed in with other sorts of beverage like coffee or milk of magnesia,which usually yields even better results. The mixture needs to be warmed upbefore the consumption and it needs to be consumed before going to sleep. Oneshould feel it work once the morning comes. Another efficient homemade laxativeinvolves mixing one quart a cup of raisins, one quart a cup of pitted prunes,one quart a cup of figs, one quart a cup of currants, one quart a cup of datesand another quart a cup of prune concentrate. All the ingredients need to bemixed in a blender and kept in the refrigerator afterwards. Daily dosage shouldnot exceed four tablespoons. Bananas, oranges, papayas, pears, apples and guavacan also be mixed together for a powerful laxative. Licorice root tea isanother excellent option. Another efficient natural homemade laxative involveshalf a cup of Senna tea and two and a half cups of boiling water. Afterdraining the tea, an ounce of figs, ounce of prunes and ounce of raisins needto be boiled in the tea for a couple of minutes. After removing them, oneshould add some lemon juice and brown sugar and blend it until it becomes asmooth paste. The paste can be consumed with toast.

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