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Acne is one of the most common types of medical conditions as it affects a large number of people everywhere around the world. It may affect people during their teenage years but it may also be present in people who are in their forties, or even fifties. Acne occurs when the follicles in the skin get clogged by excessive amounts of sebum produced in the sebaceous glands, skin debris and dead skin cells. The affected areas easily get infected so they get inflamed and it all results in very uncomfortable symptoms. Even though acne usually affects the facial skin, they may also occur on the neck, the back, the chest and sometimes even the scalp. The scalp acne is one of the most difficult types of acne when it comes to prevention and treatment. Mild cases of scalp acne are medically referred to as scalp folliculitis while the severe instances of the same condition are medically referred to as necrotica miliaris.

Treatment for Scalp Acne

The most common causes for scalp acne are various factors such as prolonged stress, poor scalp hygiene, irregular shampooing and oily skin. If a person does not treat scalp acne on time it may lead to further medical complications such as overgrowth of yeast and other harmful types of bacteria. Those who suffer from oily scalp, dry scalp or dandruff usually suffer from even more problems. Fortunately enough there are certain natural remedies which can be used for the treatment of scalp acne. In order to heal the scalp as fast as possible, one must keep it clean at all times. Various different types of solutions based on salicylic acid can be of great help in the treatment of scalp acne.

The scalp should not be irritated during the process of cleaning because it can only aggravate the existing condition and make it even worse. The cleaning product or solution needs to be applied gently by using a cotton ball. One must shampoo the hair regularly. It is highly recommended to avoid any poor quality shampoos because they can only make the condition worse. Mild, healing shampoos are always the best choice. One should not use any type of conditioners as long as the scalp acne is present because they contain certain chemical compounds called humectants and they can be rather harmful. There are certain prescription medicaments such as steroids and antibiotics which can also be used for the treatment of scalp acne.

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