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Vertigo and dizziness are two completely different medicalconditions, even though most people tend to think that they are the same.Dizziness is a sensation in which a person experiences faintness andunsteadiness. Vertigo is a condition in which a person experiences a much moreserious of disorientation. Vertigo is often described as a sensation in whichthe outside world spins around the person who experiences it. Vertigo alsooften feels as if the person is falling from an elevated place. Dizziness iscaused by completely different factors and in some cases it may be a long termmedical condition. In most cases of dizziness, the most common cause is afeeling associated with ordinary motion sickness. Motion sickness is asensation in which person experiences queasiness combined with a feeling oflightheadedness, and it occurs usually during traveling. The brain experiencesconflicting signals and sensations and that is why motion sickness occurs. Theeyes try to focus on the scenery which is constantly moving, but they areconflicting with the balance center located in the inner ear and dizzinessoccurs as a result of all that. In most cases, dizziness is commonlyaccompanied by nausea. There are also numerous medical conditions which may beresponsible for inducing dizziness. Those may or may not include allergicreactions, nerve disorders, arrhythmia and all other sorts of cardiacdisorders, changes in the blood pressure, injury to the head, ear infectionsand decreased blood flow towards the inner ear or the brain. Certain types ofmedicaments may also be held responsible for inducing dizziness, and thoseinclude various sorts of antibiotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, diureticsand other prescription drugs.


There are numerous different types of supplements and herbalremedies which can be used for the treatment of dizziness. Ginger is one of thebest herbal remedies when it comes to treating dizziness, as it has been usedfor this purpose for numerous centuries. It can be taken in the form of tea orginger ale. Certain over the counter medicaments can be used but they are knownfor inducing blurred vision and drowsiness as side effects. Numerous scientific studies have shown thatgingko biloba may also be of great help for all those who suffer fromdizziness. Vitamin B6 supplements are a great method of treatment for those whosuffer from chronic dizziness. It is highly recommended to reduce the ingestionof salt, caffeine and nicotine.

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