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When it comes to health, there is not much that people do aboutprevention; only when the situation becomes really serious some action istaken. This is not due to the fact that people do not care, simply put, all ourenergy and money is averted into mere social and economic survival. Still, itcan be said that there also might be some correlation between personality andhealth.


Personality defines how we communicate with the outerenvironment, events and other people and that communication includes our reactionsto mentioned elements and the corresponding effects. The problem is that thoseeffects usually consist of too much stress. Stress is a common reaction to mostnegative things that happen on everyday basis, and it might induce negativemedical issues to an organism. Different personalities differently approach tostress and some do not allow the stress to affect them much, while someonecannot more or less do anything else until the stress source has be eliminated.

Health and personality

As for personality and health correlation, we can freely saythat the connection exists, but it is a different one for each person. A theorysays that, it is much better to express your negative feelings (such as anger,discomfort, discontent), than to hold them inside and accumulate them. There aredoctors who say that those people have a cancer type personality. This allcomes from a suppressed immune system and it might cause heart problems, evencancer. Of course, this is built up over decades, not over night, butnevertheless, it should be prevented.

Coronary heart disease is one of the medical conditionsthat the stated personality may be affected by. In the group of the abovementioned negative personality traits we should include depression as one ofthe major causes of medical issues. Studies that were conducted show us thatmen are in more danger of getting affected by a heart problem because of theirpersonalities than woman. Several experiments were also conducted, and they showed thatpraising someone’s working skills has a positive effect on the person’shealth. Study showed that couple of pounds can be lost over few months, bloodpressure might be lowered, BMI can look much better etc. What does this all mean? Is it possible that the state ofmind can be responsible for causing and preventing certain medical conditions?Studies show that it is possible and that a positive mind generally can affecthealth positively.

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