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Are whey proteins to be regarded as essential?

As many people might already know, immense importance of proteins lies in the fact that they are comprised of amino acids that play the key role in the formation of building blocks that endow us with life. Some of the most essential functions they perform include maintenance and repairing of cells, bones and muscles. In addition, they are responsible for provision of energy, control of various metabolic processes and they represent the vital constituents of the peoples’ immune system.

When it comes to amino acids, it is important to know that they are divided into two groups, i.e. essential and non-essential amino acids. It is known that the latter are the variety that can be synthesized by our bodies, whereas the former variety ought to be acquired from the diet since our bodies are not able to synthesize them on their own.

Whey proteins

Given the fact that there exist numerous varieties of proteins, whey proteins present only one of them. These specific proteins are acquired from whey, of course, which is a cheese byproduct, the variety obtained from cow milk. Whey proteins unite a number of other proteins such as the following:

Beta-lactoglobulins represent by far the most profuse constituent, whose significance lies in the fact that they have the immense potential to enhance the fat-soluble vitamin absorption, and are also extensively employed by our muscles as an additional energy source, particularly in the course of exercising.Alpha-lactalbumin – present with 30%, is comprised of tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid that is vital for controlling one’s appetite, proper regulation of sleep and promotion of pleasant mood.Immunoglobulins – represent antibodies that are vital in the process of battling off infections of various kinds.Bovine serum albumin – stand for a highly significant plasma protein.Glycomacroppeptides – are known to have the potential to stimulate cholecystokinin, which is a hormone known to facilitate and initiate the release of pancreatic enzymes, as well as bile salts originating from the gallbladder. The importance lies in the fact that these are vital for proper digestion and fats and soluble vitamins absorption.Lactoferrin – is known to have the ability to bind free iron, which is quite vital for microbial growth and production of free radicals, which are known to be involved in induction of certain varieties of cancer.Lactoperoxidase – performs the antimicrobial activity, much alike the one performed by lysozymes.

The most vital and evident benefit of the whey proteins lies in the fact that they represent high quality and extremely nutritious dairy proteins that have in them all of the most essential amino acids that our body requires.

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