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Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the activity that will certainly improve your endurance and fitness. There are different options and aerobic activities you can choose, in order to help your body to handle the stress from the strenuous exercise.

These activities should help to increase: the capacities of your body to transport and use oxygen, number of red blood cells (which carry the oxygen and carbon monoxide), but also to affect the lactic acid and creatine phosphate in the body.

When you start working out, red blood cells transport and use more oxygen and provide you more energy for the training. After some time, you reach your maximum and you can’t increase the intensity of your training any more. There’s when the aerobic exercises help. They can improve the capacity of both your red blood cells and your body for oxygen.

Creatine phosphate is also important for body’s energy level. There are some aerobic exercises to assist you in improving the ability of the body to use this substance. If your chosen activity is running, you might hear that these exercises are called anabolic running.

Lactic acid is the kind of body metabolite that causes muscle aches and pain, and sometimes restricts the strength of your muscles. There is a way to prevent the buildup of lactic acid and improve the reaction of your body to it, by working out.

Aerobic Exercise Types

There are many aerobic exercises that can be beneficial for you, such as walking, jogging, sprinting, striding, and swimming... Choose one or several of them and enjoy the benefits.

Jumping over circling rope or skipping is one of the easiest and cheapest aerobic exercises there is, extremely popular among boxers. The only problem is that requires some space around you to do it, but everything else goes in the favor of this activity. It can improve your coordination and help you burn some fat as well.

Shadow boxing can be a fun aerobic exercise. It is low impact, indoors activity that will tone your muscles and burn the fat.

Cycling can sometimes be even harder than running, especially when you try to ride a bicycle uphill. Of course, you should own a bike for this activity and be prepared to some sweat and aches after it.

Swimming is considered to be one of the best aerobic activities. It doesn’t put any pressure on your joints or bones, but positively affect all body muscles. If you don’t mind going to the nearest swimming pool this is activity for you.

Running is quite popular aerobic exercise. You don’t need anything special for running and you can ran literary everywhere. Be aware that running outside might pressurize your joints and bones. Trainers always prefer running outdoors, on the grass, sand or tarmac than on the treadmill.

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