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Sumo wrestler's diet

Body mass index is a heuristic measure of body weight based on person’s weight and height. A healthy adult man normally has body mass index somewhere around 18, while the professional sumo wrestler normally has somewhere beyond 45.  Sumo wrestlers are aimed to gain as much body fat as possible and that is achieved through very rigorous diet and sleeping strategies. Sumo wrestlers lead a highly regimented way of life.

Sumo Wrestlers Regime

A Sumo wrestlers daily diet plan starts with skipping the breakfast. This way, sumo wrestlers are slowing down their metabolism and forcing the body to store fat. Skipping breakfast normally slows down the metabolism for about 5%, making it easier to gain more weight and achieve characteristic morbid obesity. Sumo wrestlers always exercise on an empty stomach because this habit decreases metabolic rate in a long term. Slowing of the metabolism happens because of the body’s tendency to conserve available fuel.

Sumo wrestlers normally eat later during the day, and are always accompanied by others. Social atmosphere is very important, as people tend to eat 44 percent larger portions and 30 percent more calories, while they socialize. Moreover, sumo wrestlers typically drink beer with meals. Typical Japanese beer may contain more than 200 calories per pint, and wrestlers usually consume six pints of beer per meal. After the meal, sumo wrestlers must take a good nap for at least four hours.  This means that none of these calories are being used but rather stored in the form of body fat. Every night, before going to sleep, sumo wrestlers have to take another big meal. This means that sumo wrestlers go to bed with full stomachs forcing their bodies to store fats.


Chankonabe is a Japanese stew typically served to sumo wrestlers as a part of a weight gain diet plan. Chankonabe consists of chicken broth soup base with sake or mirin, to taste. Chankonabe is extremely rich in proteins. Most of the proteins in chankonabe come from fat chicken meat, fish, tofu, and vegetables. Chicken is always used together with skin, while the fish is normally fried and made into balls. Sumo wrestlers are consuming large amounts of chankonabe for every meal, together with beer and rice. There is no strict recipe for chankonabe and each cook makes his own version of the meal, normally using all of the available ingredients.  During the sumo tournaments, chefs are preparing chankonabe exclusively with chicken meet, according to the belief that sumo wrestler should always be on two legs like a chicken.

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