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Oils and deficits

Disorder in questionis already known to the greatest majority of people, due to the unfortunate factthat it is becoming more and more of a problem all around the world. As thenumerous research studies have confirmed it by now, the target groups are childrenand teenagers. In addition, ADHD research shows that it is diagnosed more in boys than in girls.

When it comes to telltale signs, it should be pointed out that a parent should always be on the lookoutfor the following – inability of the child to maintain focus, attention, andproper concentration in performing different tasks lying ahead of him/her. In addition,the children in question quite often exhibit extreme hyperactivity, and are notable to keep their impulsiveness under control.

Important discoveries

A number of recentstudies have revealed that those children suffering from ADHD have much lowerlevels of Omega-3 in their red blood cells and plasma than it is the case inchildren who are not stricken by this condition. The conclusion and possiblesolution that these researches put forth as effective is the need for intake ofmuch greater amounts of omega-3 rich food varieties and supplements bychildren who suffer from this condition. Of all the natural treatments the mostbeneficial and effective is none other than fish oil. It is believed that fishoil holds immense potential when it comes to relieving those most commonmanifestations, and any other side effects and issues that are most closelyrelated to ADHD.

One most recent researchstudy conducted in Italy included 16 children aged three to sixteen, allsuffering from ADHD. The researchers tried to approach and remedy the problemby giving those children fish oil supplements on a daily basis (250 mg), along withvitamin E, which is also believed to be the possible key to the solution of theproblem. Conclusion was that these supplements actually aided in correction ofOmega-3 levels, both in blood cells and plasma, proving it to be also effectivein treating the ADHD altogether.

Another researchstudies that was performed in Australia also looked at the possible potentials andbenefits of the fish oil for the treatment of ADHD. For the purposes of thisresearch, children were categorized in three groups – first being given a mixtureof fish oil and evening primrose oil, second (test group) also received thesame mixture enriched with multivitamin, whereas the third group was given aplacebo. This part of the research lasted for fifteen weeks. In the secondpart, which lasted the same time, the third group was given a combination offish oil and multivitamin, and that was the only change in the routine. Once the entire studywas over, the results revealed that there was a significant improvement in the children's behavior as high as 40-50%, as well as when it comes to their overallfocus and attention.

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