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There is only one thing that should be kept in mind when it comesto losing weight and it refers to eating less, exercising more. This is the naked truth, a basicfact that from this point evolves into something much more complex, an entirescience that some say it is not needed at all, while others cannot think ofweight reduction without the help of that science.

Middle way

Might there be some balance, a middle path that will enableus not to follow such strict rules and still be healthy and fit? Well, theremight be a solution and it lies in the third method for weight reduction, the useof supplements. If a diet is not strict, fat burners will help with weight reduction, while if exercises are not that much intensive, muscle mass gainers will help withbulking up effect. It is true that supplements do cost some money, but theireffect can compensate for not being so strict with dieting and training rules.

Of course, it has to be said that the best possible effectwould be to be strict in all the three areas. Follow a diet, workout properly anduse supplements as the label says – that should do the trick when it comes to losingweight. But, there are also some alternatives to this standard schedule,especially when it comes to the supplements. One of those alternatives is fish oil.So, is fish oil good for you, and if it is, then why?

Fish oil

Effectiveness of fish oil is all about the presence of omega-3 acids. Omega-3 presents a very interesting approach for weight reduction. Itactually destroys fat cells before they become fat cells, while those are in a pre-form, which is just one of the benefits. It is said that omega-3 boosts the mood,which is a great thing, since people who are dieting take less carbohydrates(usually) and that can induce bad mood and nervousness. There have been manystudies, even experimental trials that definitely proved the positive effectsof omega-3. It has similar effect on children too, and some results have shownthat omega-3 in fish oil helped with increasing the intelligence.

It is important to know that all the supplements used inexercises, fat burners and mass gainers can have substitutions in some naturalproducts, starting with fish oil. A lot of fruits and veggies can and should beused as great vitamin and mineral sources. For that type of nutrient, novitamin cocktail can offer a better effect.

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