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About Finger Pain

Everyone had a painful finger and survived. The painfulsensation is not a very big problem, but it can certainly cause a lot ofdiscomfort and inconvenience. According to the tissue affected with the pain,we can differentiate muscle and joint pain in the finger or more fingersinvolved.

There are many reasons why somebody’s finger hurts. To startwith, if you broke the finger or experience some trauma it will almost definitivelybe painful. Dislocation, finger sprain or fracture in the finger or the arm mayreflect on your finger and hurt. Various nail and knuckle disorders, including arthritismay also be associated with the painful fingers. Subungal hematoma and ulnarnerve disorder are other possible explanations for this kind of problem.

Localized infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, complexregional pain syndrome, vasculitis, peripheral vascular disease and peripheralneuropathy are also known to cause pain in the finger(s). Animal bites andinsect stings, as well as some splinters in the fingers can provoke painfulsensations as well.

Some medical conditions, such as gout, localized infections,paronchya, infections of the tendon sheath or pulp space and Raynaud’sphenomenon and disease are also causes of finger pain. Burns, scleroderma, bonetumors, embolism, diabetes, arterial ischemia, damage to brachial plexus,compression of peripheral nerves and cervical spondylosis are additionalserious causes responsible for the pain felt in the finger or fingers.

Recognize Symptoms and Treat Them

Before finger starts to hurt, most people will notice some symptoms.They vary on the cause of the problem and may be either minor or extremelyannoying. People may see swelling and clubbing of the finger before theyexperience any pain whatsoever, as well as some rash or ulcers on the skin ofthe finger.

Painful finger may also be associated with stiffness, gripdisorders and different problems with the thumb, such as itching, rash, bruisesor tingling (known as paresthesias). Sometimes, there is some knuckle pain andonly after that you realize it is actually your finger which hurts. Nail of thefinger may also undergo certain changes and you may see: blueness, bruises orbleeding in the nail. Itching, lumping and rash of the fingernail can also beconnected to painful fingers.

In some cases, there is some weakness, coldness, spasm oreven paralysis of the finger and all these symptoms may lead to painfulfingers.

After the realization your finger hurts, you should diagnosethe problem. Visit your doctor, describe all your symptoms and he or she willhelp you to treat the problem accordingly.

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