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Breast pain is also known as mastalgia in medical circles. Theword itself derives from Greek words masto and algos, whose meanings are breastand pain. Almost 70% of female population all over the world has experiencedthe pain in the breasts. The pain might not be bothersome for some, but thereare a number of patients experiencing very severe and intense breast pain.

Doctors differentiate two types of breast pain: cyclic andnon-cyclic. More common type is cyclic pain, while patients who had breastbiopsy or some sort of breast trauma may suffer from non-cyclic breast discomfort andpain.

Know the Symptoms of Breast Pain

Cyclic breast pain is normally linked to menstruation, andwomen at the age group of 20 to 30 are the most common patients. However, this conditionis known to emerge also in women over 40 years of age, because of theperimenopause. This type of breast pain is characterized as heavy and dull andnormally affects the upper part of the breasts and then spreads to the underarms.It is felt as the worst during the first day or two of the menstrual period andthen it is known to subside.

Non-cyclic pain is usually sensed as tight and burning sore,and many women feel the pain localized at one specific spot. In some cases itcan spread and affect the whole breasts, being either a transient or a constant condition.This pain has nothing to do with the menstruation and is more common among womenolder than 40 years.

What Can Provoke Breast Pain

Size of your breast can cause some unwanted effects,including the non-cyclic pain in your breasts, neck, shoulders or your back. Hormonesare the factor blamed for cyclic breast pain, especially during menstrualperiod or in and after the pregnancy. Retention of water, so common during themenstruation, is yet another reason why many women feel breast pain. Imbalanceof fatty acids in the body can also be blamed for breast pain. In fact, ifthere is an imbalance of fatty acids in the body, your breasts are moresensitive to many hormones and may become very painful at times. Many herbalistsrecommend primrose oil to solve that problem.

Different breast cysts, surgeries or traumas to that part ofthe body are also known to cause breast pain. Various bacterial infections canalso provoke pain in the breasts, as well as some medications such as birth controlpills, antidepressants or hormone therapy. Gaining some extra weight or wearinga bra that doesn’t fit you or even the breast cancer are also possible causes ofthe breast pain.

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