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Pain in fingers

As a rule of thumb, finger pain should never be underestimated. There are many different things that can cause pain in the fingers. Sometimes a finger could be jammed, like if it is hit directly by a ball while playing sports or it is slammed in a cabinet or maybe a car door.  In some instances, the bone of the finger could be broken, fractured of sprained.  It is also possible to bruise parts of the fingers. Like the fingernails. Sometimes fingernails can even fall off if they are injured more seriously.  There are also chronic bone conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome that can cause pain and discomfort in the fingers.  Serious infections and bone tumors are also possible. The best thing to do in any case of finger pain is to see a doctor that will properly diagnose the source of the pain.  Carpal tunnel is a condition in which the tendons and ligaments of the fingers and hands become swollen. Sometimes it can result from a pinched nerve and the symptoms including burning, and tingling sensations in the fingers.  There are three bones that form the finger and any of them can be broken. A person will know that a bone has been broken when the finger swells and there are extreme levels of pain. If it is not treated immediately, a person might notice that the finger looks crooked, so they must go to a doctor that will put it in a cast and allow the bone to heal properly.  Another chronic condition like carpal tunnel is arthritis, which occurs in any bone of the body and prominently occurs in the fingers. This condition can develop with age or it may even be hereditary. The fingers become stiff and swollen in cases of arthritis.  If a person injuries their nail then it could be dislodged and swollen. It is probably best to have a dislodged nail removed professionally, since it will probably be less painful that way. If it is not removed, it will turn black and fall of itself, which could be more painful and will have a biggest chance of being infected.  Fungal, bacterial or viral infections of the fingers are also possible. The nails, blood, bones of tendons could all be affected by these conditions.  If a person experiences burning or numbness in the fingers, it is possible that a spinal cord injury has occurred, as well.  The best thing to do in case of any injury to the fingers is to visit the doctor, who will either provide the appropriate medication to take care of the ailment and its symptoms or recommend surgeries and similar treatments in cases that the bones of the finger are broken.  This will be determined by taking an x-ray of the fingers. 

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