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Smashed finger is a type of injury which occurs due to direct trauma to a finger. Majority of incidents related to a smashed finger are not serious and do not require doctor's attention. The damage is usually related to swelling and bruising of the soft tissue of the finger. The bones are usually not broken. The best way one can do in such injuries is to soak a finger into cold water and if there is intensive pain he/ she may take some painkillers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. However, some injuries may be rather severe and require medical attention.

There is a variety of situations which may lead to this type of injury. Using a hammer is, for example, one of the most common situations during which this type of injury occurs.

Symptoms and Presentation of Smashed Finger

Depending of the severity of the injury the symptoms and signs may vary a lot. The injury may only include superficial cuts, there may also be swelling and bruising and sometimes even fingernail injury. In some cases the blood accumulates under the injured fingernail. Furthermore, in serious injury the patient may have an open wound, the finger bones may be broken and the injury can seriously interfere in normal movement of the injured finger.

This injury is commonly accompanied by pain which varies in intensity.

Treatment for Smashed Finger

The first thing one must do is to estimate the severity of the injury. If the injury is serious one is supposed to seek professional medical attention and in mild cases there is no need to go to a doctor. In mild injuries one may benefit from cold compresses or ice packs which are supposed to be wrapped around the injured finger. Cold compresses reduce both, the pain, bruising and swelling. It is also good to take certain over-the-counter medications to alleviate the pain.

If the injury has led to serious damage to the growth palate of the fingernail, the particular nail will not grow back. In other cases complete regret of the lost nail is possible but it will take some time until the nail fully grows. The broken part of the nail is supposed to be placed back and the finger should be covered with a bandage. This way further damage of the unharmed nail bed is prevented and the broken nail will eventually be lifted once the new one grows up to a certain size.

And finally, in case the finger cannot move or there are additional symptoms and signs that it may be broken one is supposed to see a doctor.

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