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Information of Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infection is a common medical condition and itaffects a large number of people everywhere around the world. Most nail relatedmedical problems are caused by a fungal infection. It usually affects thetoenails much more than it affects fingernails. It can affect certain parts ofthe nail such as the root of the nail, nail bed, nail plant or the entire nail.Fungal nail infections usually affect adults, and it is known for affecting menmuch more than women. There are different types of fungus which can beassociated with the occurrence of fungal nail infections. The main problem withfungal nail infections is that they usually do not look very pleasant, butfortunately enough it is not involved in any painful sensations or similarsymptoms. It can be treated and cured fully, but the treatment plan maysometimes last as long as several months. One needs to take special care of thenails in order to prevent the infection from occurring again and again.

Causes of fungal nail infection

One of the most common causes of fungal nail infections ofthe toenails is a medical condition known as athlete’s foot. Most people who sufferfrom athlete’s foot also suffer from nail infections. Athlete’s foot is acondition which commonly affects the area between the toes and is characterizedby itchiness, flakiness and redness of the skin. Wearing sweaty trainers andhaving sweaty feet can also be associated with fungal infections because fungiprefer damp and warm environments. A certain type of yeast called candida canalso be the cause of fungal nail infections, but it usually affects thefingernails. It is associated with occupations which require having the handsin water a lot. There are other factors which may contribute to the occurrenceof fungal nail infections and those may or may not include smoking, living inhumid and warm climate, being in poor general health, having a weakened immunesystem, psoriasis, diabetes, constant nail biting, nail damage and usingartificial nails for cosmetic purposes.

Treating fungal nail infection

Mild instances of fungal nail infections do not require anytreatment. All other cases are usually treated with antifungal nail paints orantifungal tablets. Antifungal tablets provide the treatment via thebloodstream. They are also very handy in preventing the infections fromreoccurring. Unfortunately they can be associated with certain side effectssuch as diarrhea, nausea, loss of sense of taste, itching and headaches.

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