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Many people do not know that problems that acid refluxcauses can be solved easily in the majority of the cases. Instead, they rather reachfor medications, rarely thinking or being aware of the possible side effects thatthey might cause, as well as the real effects of the medications. The onlything that is important for them is to feel a relief as soon as possible, andit is understandable, but only to a certain extent. The fact is that a part ofthese medications offers relief only for a short period of time, and many peoplewho suffer from this problem need a solution that will provide results that lastlonger than that. Short-term solutions to their problem can be found at theirown homes, since more or less every kitchen has some of the best home remediesfor acid reflux. On the other side, those who suffer from acid reflux should knowthat some factors and bad habits that cause acid reflux could be eliminated,but besides the right information, it takes some effort and strong will as well.In some cases, the medications that the person is already using might causeacid reflux as one of their side effects, and in such cases, it should be enough to change themedication.

Most commonly usedhome remedies for acid reflux

First of all, drinking a glass of two of water after eachmeal will help in diluting the acid in the stomach. Besides water, a glass ofmilk can be more than helpful when momentary relief is necessary either forheartburn or for acid reflux. Another beverage that is more than effective inrelieving the symptom in question is tea made of chamomile or fennel, sincethese two herbs are known for their soothing effect. It is important not todrink too hot or too cold tea.Even though it might sound impossible, the fact that chewinga gum (the one that contains no sugar, of course) after a meal helps with theseproblems, because the production of saliva is stimulated this way, which alsohelps in diluting the stomach contents and acid. Almonds and candied ginger arealso recommended for relieving acid reflux, but it is important not to exaggerate.What might also be helpful is to eat an apple after the meal,because it also has the potential to decrease the effects of acid reflux.

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