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Everyone who suffers from acid reflux knows how uncomfortable and sometimes even painful this problem can be. Even if a person suffers from heartburn only from time to time, it is logical that the solution to the problem is more than welcomed. And the fastest solution is usually seen in medications that can be bought without a medical prescription. However, the problem comes at the moment when the choice has to be made, because there is a wide range of options, and people are often not sure which one is the best or the most suitable. There are those that belong to the group of antacids, oral suspension medicines, and H-2 receptor. There might be some other types as well, but these are most frequently suggested.

Acid reflux medications that might actually work

Antacids are known for their potential to neutralize the stomach acid very quickly, which means that they provide relief soon after they are taken. However, they are not so efficient in more severe cases, and those who begin to use them need to be careful about the dosage, because overuse might cause some serious negative effects. Oral suspension medications can help in those cases in which the symptoms are only present from time to time; once a week or a few times a month. They provide short-term relief and there is no point in using them in severe cases. H-2- receptor blockers used to be available only with the prescription that the doctor gives, but today they can be bought over the counter. They prevent the production of the stomach acid, but they are also suggested to people who do not suffer from this problem on regular basis. They might need some time to work, but their effects last longer.

How to choose the right one?

The truth is that it is not at all easy to choose the right medication. Unless it is prescribed by the doctor, it is highly recommended to try to avoid the use of medications in the treatment of this problem. Instead, some changes in the lifestyle and in eating habits should be made, because in a number of cases, this is enough for the problems to disappear in the most natural way. Yes, it might be a lot more difficult than simply taking a pill, and it does require more effort and persistence, but the results will come without any side effects, which are definitely possible with any of the medications mentioned so far.

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