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Dealing with acid reflux

Acid reflux is not really regarded as a disease; it is more an unpleasant sensation, which is characterized by burning pain in the chest area that tends to aggravate when a person is in a lying position. Even perfectly healthy people might have this problem every now and then, particularly after having some meal which is spicy or high in fat. In such cases, there is no reason for concern, but if this problem begins to appear more frequently and if it begins to affect a person’s every day life in a negative way, of course, then the person should see a doctor in order to find out the cause and do something about the problem. Weakening or abnormal relaxation of a particular muscle around the esophagus is identified as a cause of acid reflux.

What kind of food should be avoided?

Since heartburn or acid reflux is a rather painful problem, one of the aims of the treatment is to reduce the pain. Several medications might be used for that purpose, and among them are antacids, medications known as H-2 receptor blockers, as well as those that are medically termed as proton pump inhibitors and that have the power to heal the esophagus by preventing the production of acid. Besides, certain changes in the lifestyle and diet will be suggested as well. Since certain foods are known to aggravate the symptoms even more, it is highly recommended to avoid such food, once the person becomes aware of it. Such food definitely includes:

Fruits such as lemon, orange, grapefruit and cranberries, as well as juices made of these fruits Vegetables such as potato and onion Meat such as beef, chicken nuggets and all fatty meats Dairy products such as sour cream, certain types of cottage cheese, ice cream Sweets such as chocolate, doughnuts, cookies and other sweets that contain butter high in fat Spices Fried food and food that is high in fat.

Besides these foods, it is also recommended to avoid wine, tea and coffee, as well as salad dressings that are creamy or that contain oil and vinegar. It does not mean that a person who suffers from acid reflux will inevitably react negatively to all the items from the list, but it also does not mean that the person in question will not find some other food hard to tolerate.

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