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Acid reflux and the main facts

Burning pain in the chest is usually one of the mainproblems that help people recognize this condition, and this pain is caused byacid that moves from the stomach to the esophagus. Besides this, other signs thatindicate the presence of acid reflux are regurgitation, bloating, burping, nausea,black stools, and bloody vomiting or bloody stools. However, it does not meanthat it is enough to experience the symptoms once to be sure that this is theproblem; the person should be concerned only if the symptoms are present more than two times a week. Otherwise, it does not mean that they suffer from acidreflux. Besides hiatal hernia, which is the most common culprit for the occurrenceof this condition, obesity, certain foods, beverages and medications, smoking,pregnancy and a number of other factors can be responsible for its presence.

How to cure acid reflux naturally?

The fact is that natural cures are much better option thanmedications, for example, as long as they are effective. One of the main reasonsfor that is the fact that they are either free of any side effects, or thepossible side effects are minimal and practically negligible. When it comes tonatural ways of treating acid reflux, there are two more reasons to give them atry before turning to medications – they are not expensive, and they are easilyavailable. Still, even though they are perfectly safe, it is recommended toconsult a doctor, just to make sure that the problem of acid reflux is reallypresent and that it is not mistaken for some other.

Apple cider vinegar has proven to be more than effective ina number of cases, and two or three spoons mixed with water and drank threetimes a day should do the job.Ginger and peppermint added to tea and taken after each mealshould also help, since they improve the process of digestion.Pineapple and aloe vera help with heartburn, due to theenzymes that they contain.Chewing gums or cinnamon might also help; chewing gums, dueto the ability to neutralize acid in the body, and cinnamon, due to its antisepticcharacteristics.Carrot and cabbage help in keeping the secretion of acidunder control.Garlic helps in getting rid of the pathogens from the bowel,particularly if it is chewed in a fresh form.

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