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What is the muscular sclerosis?

Muscular sclerosis is the medical term for the condition which is marked by the disruption in the nervous functions and which attacks primarily the spinal cord and the nerves that should transmit the signals to the muscles. The contraction of the muscles is then ceased, which is, to be more exact, the result of the damage to the protective coverings which are wrapped around the nervous fibers. Additionally, this condition is the auto-immune disease, since the immunity, in this case, attacks the central nervous system. This damage is manifested most commonly as losing the control over the willing movements, balance and coordination. This is exactly why this condition gradually leads to some psychological problems, such as the loss of the self-esteem and the depression, but it as well can eventually develop into the mental and physical disability.

Having this in mind, it is to be concluded that the condition should be treated right away after noticing the first sign of somewhat electrical tickling sensation in the muscles, which tends to be alternated with the total loss of any feeling. The ardent ache in the muscles, dizziness, the urge for throwing up and the troubles with the vision are also among the first indicators of the muscular sclerosis.

How is the diet helpful?

Therefore, apart from the conventional treatment which has not yet the ability to completely remove the disease, the most troublesome accompanying problems of this condition, could be, however, reduced to the minimum. That is, the changes in the eating habits and the carefully balanced dietary regime could help a great deal, although there’s no actual scientific proof of that fact yet. Of course, the basis of any healthy eating regime should be increased amount of water and the vital nutrients (that is, vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and unsaturated fats). Respectively, one should eat enough fruits, veggies, whole grains, the milk products and meat with lowered fat level, and similar, and to stay away from all the highly processed foods.

When it comes to the specifically intended diet for the sufferers from this condition, the whole grains are the most beneficial part of the meals, as well as the carbs that contain the minimal amount of calories, the seafood and the poultry without skin. Of course, the best way to prepare the meat by baking and cooking and no more than 4 ounces of it should be eaten on a daily basis.

One should also stay away from the carbonated juices and the other harmful substances, such as the smoke from the cigarettes, alcohol, the refined sugar, fast foods, the food preservatives and the other artificial additives of the taste. So, the sugar and salt should be replaced with the other condiments. And, finally, in order to successfully deal with another accompanying problem, the one of the stool blockage, it is necessary to follow the regular workouts, to increase significantly the intake of the fluids and to eat more fiber rich foods.

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