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Goiter is the swelling on the thyroid gland and it is likely to appear when this gland is not able to secrete enough thyroid hormone. Since one of the main substances in this hormone is the iodine, it can be said that the lack of the iodine causes the swelling of this gland. But, the goiter can appear when there is the excessive secretion of this hormone, as well.

As already explained, the most prominent symptom of this condition is the noticeable swelling of the thyroid gland, which is located below the beard, in the base of the neck, but the pain can be also as serious indicator. That happens in the advanced stage of the swelling, when it puts the pressure on the nearby tissue, and in the milder cases, there is no any pain. Besides these two, the following troubles are the itch, increased sensitivity to heat, exhaustion, restlessness, the troubles when inhaling the air, troubles with the vision and the heart throbbing.

The natural treatment

So, having in mind that the treatment is usually long and persistent, since the condition is sometimes untreatable, the best thing to do is to lower the chances of even getting this disease. That can be achieved by simply increasing the intake of the foods that are rich in iodine, such as, for example, garlic, lettuce, pineapple, tomatoes, cucumber, the citrus fruits and so on.

Besides the carefully planned dietary regime, it is highly recommendable to treat this condition with the natural homemade remedies, since they very rarely could have some negative side-effects on the organism.

When it comes to the topical appliance, the most effective remedies are the ones that the cloth or band should be immersed into and put directly over the swollen gland. This remedy could be based on the ghee with the dandelion leaves, the ground flax seeds mixed with the hot water, or the mask made out of watercress.

As far as the remedies which are intended for the oral intake are concerned, the most successful in lessening the symptoms are: the radioactive iodine, the water from barley, and the simple freshly squeezed juices from the fruits and veggies already mentioned above and for the first period, the best results are obtained if the patient only takes these juices for the meals.

Apart from these remedies, it is recommendable to provide enough rest to the organism, but, as beneficial are the mild stretching exercises for that area.

In the conclusion, in order to heal and prevent this problem, one must stay away from the carbonated drinks, the refined sugars, caffeine, the highly processed food products, the white dough products, and the similar. Of course, in order to encourage the better absorption of the beneficial nutrients, one must eat the same amount of the daily foods but arranged in more frequent meals.

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