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A few words about the poor blood flow

The key to the successful treatment of a lot of diseases is to improve the blood flow, since it is frequently the provoker of many health problems. That is because the normal flow of the blood is existential for nourishing the organs with the oxygen and the other nutrients. The poor circulation of the blood, as already mentioned, leads to many severe health problems, and, in the most serious cases, it, consequently, leads to the death of the tissue, called necrosis, or the failure of the affected organ. These are the inevitable complications of the depletion of the vital and basic nutrients the blood provides. The condition is then medically called the pheripheral vascular disease.

More likely to be affected by the decreased blood flow are the elderly individuals, because of the simple, natural and gradual cessation of the bodily functions through the time. Also, the physically inactive, the smokers and the people with the bad habit of eating unhealthy highly processed and fatty food products, are prone to be affected by this problem, too. That is because the substances which are hardly decomposed in the organism, such as the cholesterol and the saturated fats for example, tend to accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels, thus interfering with the normal flow of the blood.

When we talk about the indicators of this problem, the most pointed out are the spasms of the muscular tissue, the cramping pain, the big changes in the temperature of the body, a ticklish feeling over the arms and legs, the lighter color of the skin, the general weakness and the troubles with breathing.

How to deal with the decreased blood flow?

Fortunately, this problem could be solved in many ways, and, naturally, the bad eating habits should be substituted with the healthy dietary regime based on the beneficial fruits and vegetables, first of all. Also, one should drink more water in order to help the process of detoxification of the blood. The effective folk remedy is the mixture of the red wine and rosemary.

Of course, this healthy routine should be followed with the massages, the relaxing techniques (e.g. yoga) and the enough of the physical activities. As far as the latter one mentioned is concerned, one should engage in the daily workout and walk as more as possible. When having a massage, it should go hand in hand with the treatment which includes the alternations of the warm and cold water, in which the affected parts of the body are immersed.

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