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About Diabetesand Eating

American DiabeticAssociation (ADA) is the organization helping people to deal with diabetes. As manyalready know, blood sugar levels can be controlled by being on the healthydiet, which is why this association recommend diet plan designed especially forpeople suffering from this medical condition.

Diabetes ismedical condition that can affect almost anyone and the body of these patientsis known to produce little or no insulin at all, provoking high blood sugar andleading to many health consequences. Decreasing the amount of glucose in theblood is essential for diabetic patients, because it can prevent furtherprogression of the disease and its complication and that’s where this dietcomes in handy. Also, the diet is good for people who don’t suffer fromdiabetes, because it is found to decrease potential risk of developing thisproblem at some point of life.

Recommended Foodfor Diabetics

All foodsare classified into groups, according to ADA. The diet for people sufferingfrom diabetes should consist of food high in mono unsaturated andpolyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates. Fats and proteins are the second andthird on the list of calories for diabetic patients, while saturated fatsshould be avoided in these people.

Fresh fruitsand vegetables are always welcomed and recommended. A person on this dietshould eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day, includingsome green leafy and non-starchy vegetables. Spinach, carrots and broccoli areamong recommended vegetables for these patients.

Dairy products,such as eggs, milk, cheeses, ice creams and yogurts are good for diabeticpatients as long as they are made from skimmed milk or completely non-fatproducts. Two portions of meat, either fish, chicken or some other meat are alsorecommended in this diet.

Whole grainpasta, breads and cereals are also good, and everyone on this diet should eatabout 6 portions on a daily basis.

FoodAccording to Daily Calorie Intake

Every personis different, so the diet should respect that. Someone who needs 1200 to 1600calories per day should take 3 portions of fruits and vegetables each, 2portions of milk, yogurt and meat each, as well as some 3 portions of fat and 6portions of starches.

If your bodyrequires 1600 to 2000 calories every day, ADA recommends taking 3 portions offruit, 4 portions of vegetables, 2 portions of each milk, yogurt and meat, andalso some 4 portions of fats and even 8 portions of starch.

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