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One of the main reasons for the occurrence of diabetesis obesity, and when we consider the fact that more than a half of the population inmany countries is overweight and obese, we can conclude that diabetes is amongthe most common conditions worldwide. When one is diagnosed with this condition, his/herlevels of the blood sugar are abnormally high either due to insulin insufficiencyor insulin resistance. There is also gestational diabetes, which only occurs in somepregnant women, but it usually disappears with the childbirth.

Meal planning for diabetics

The doctors may help their patient with thisdisorder by recommending a proper diet since this condition can be successfullycontrolled with right eating. Many people with diabetes find it very difficult tomanage their diet and eating habits alone. The healthy diet is something thateveryone should consume and not only the diabetics, but while the others withoutthis condition can afford sometimes to eat what they want, the diabetics haveto eat healthy food only since their health depends on it. The diabetics have to count the calories which they take in during a day and their diet is made of various foods with certain levelsof carbohydrates, proteins and fat.

Meal planning should be done since everything that a diabeticeats has to be weighed against the dose of insulin, drugs and physicalexercises. Many doctors recommend their patient to consult a good nutritionistand make a meal plan with him/her. The human body needs essential nutrients in order towork properly, so even in cases of diabetics, the proper intake of minerals,vitamins and proteins, as well as fats and carbohydrates, should be present everyday.

Healthy diet for diabetics

The excellent sources of carbohydrates for thepeople who suffer from diabetes are bread, dairy products, pasta and grains, aswell as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eggs, fish and meats are the best sourcesof proteins, while dairy products, oils and nuts are rich in fats. What is importantfor the diabetic is that he/she cleverly spends the allowed calorie intake by usinggood carbohydrates and protein, as well as by using artificial sweeteners whenhe/she has the crave for sugar. When one controls diabetes with the healthy diet andgood eating habits, he/she does not only regulate the levels of blood sugar, but prevent the occurrence of many other health conditions that usuallyoccur due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

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