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Caffeine Withdrawal Remedy

Caffeineis a subtle, but strong substance that can become addictive if taken in high amounts. Regular coffee drinkers should be aware of how much coffee, chocolate or other caffeine containing products they consume every day to avoid becoming addicted. Those who are addicted do not realise this until they go without caffeine for a day or so and start to feel the symptoms of withdrawal. Most addicts will only really notice the problem when they are prevented from consuming caffeine for a long time, such as during pregnancy.

Thereare a few tell-tale signs of caffeine withdrawal, although they can be confused with other conditions, so it is important to look at these signs within the context of how much caffeine the person is actually consuming.

Migraine-likeheadaches are the most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. These can be treated with simple headache medication available at pharmacies. However, some of these medications contain caffeine and must be avoided in this case.

Aswith other addictions, caffeine withdrawal will most likely lead to an inability to concentrate or think in the normal way. During regular consumption, the brain gets used to working on stimulants like caffeine and will not function correctly if the substance is suddenly absent. While overcoming caffeine withdrawal, it is important to take a measured approach in returning to normal functioning. It is advised to not immediately try to run at full capacity constantly, but rather slowly ease back into a normal state of function, taking breaks from work as needed. Sleep is also very important, as the body can repair and adjust itself easier when fully at rest.

Irritabilityis not as easy to notice as the other two major symptoms. Addicts will have become psychologically dependent on caffeine, so an absence of the substance will make them feel constantly uncomfortable, which will emerge towards others as irritability. It is sometimes beneficial to restrict social encounters during withdrawal, as this symptom can have a negative impact on relationships.

Treatmentand Remedies

Manyherbal remedies for all kinds of ailments are available on the internet and caffeine withdrawal is no exception. Some of these prove to work time and time again and may be worth trying, since they are generally easier and cheaper than conventional medication.

Onevery important factor that a withdrawal sufferer must keep in mind is to not go 'cold turkey', but rather slowly decrease the intake of caffeine over time. This will gradually wean the body off of the substance and help it return to normal functioning.

Exerciseor yoga can help minimise stress and depression felt by the sufferer. The movements will also help relax the muscles and increase endorphins which will counteract or reduce the withdrawal symptoms. Vitamin supplements such as magnesium and calcium can help alleviate the run-down feeling suffered by addicts, since the magnesium will replace the body's natural supply that was depleted by the excessive caffeine intake. Drinking plenty of water is always advisable and replacing coffee and sodas with other beverages like tea and fruit juice will help the body adjust.

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