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Caffeine can induce side effects

Almost all of us have reached, often many times, for a cup of beverage containing caffeine, in search for its boosting power. It is known to provide us with a dose of energy, which usually lasts for the several hours. All of this happens owing to the fact that caffeine blocks the release of adenosine, which is responsible for signalling the body that it is tired and that it needs to take a break.

However, there are two sides of the same coin. Caffeine intake, especially when heavy, can result in some side effects. What people usually report experiencing are episodes of jumpiness and unease. And of course, disorders such as sleeplessness frequently appear, especially if the caffeine-rich liquid is taken in the late afternoon or the evening. The more caffeine we take in, the greater the chance for developing negative side effects.

Other side effects to taking in caffeine

Apart from sleeping disorders and periods of heightened anxiety, there are some other conditions that arise. Beware of the addiction to caffeine. When a person gets used to taking in caffeine regularly, their body tends to become addicted to the cup of energy. Our physiological system can become abnormally sensitive, exhausted or dispirited.

Dehydration lurks behind that sweet cup of coffee. Don’t be fooled by the fact that coffee is a fluid. Due to its diuretic characteristic, it can easily devoid your body of precious water. Make sure to drink more water on the days you consume caffeine rich products to avoid developing side effects.

Women could suffer from additional side effects of caffeine when they enter the premenstrual period of the cycle. They should be careful when taking coffee or chocolate during that time, since it can make headache, sensation of swelling and unpleasant contractions in the belly more pronounced.

Another side effect to consuming caffeine is exhaustion. Your body certainly needs time for resting and replenishing its energy sources. Caffeine might mask the signals your body is sending to you when it feels it needs to pause. Caffeine intake is safe as long as you know when your body has had enough of strain, before it starts showing signs of exhaustion and the mentioned side effects.

Caffeine intake has its upsides

Of course, intake of caffeine doesn't induce only negative side effects. What is more, there are several beneficial aspects to it. One of them is that it makes a person more alert. Regular ingestion of caffeine makes us more vigilant and active, which can come in handy on numerous occasions. In addition, it temporarily increases your stamina, making it an excellent supplement to be taken in before physical activities.

As an antioxidant, it helps reduce the risk of cancer. Provided you are careful with the dosage and avoid unnecessary side effects, it will help you those free radicals in the cells and thus potentially increase the length of your life.

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