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About caffeine benefits


Caffeine is the natural ingredient of many products, including the coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, beans and some plant leaves and fruits. Some other well known sources of caffeine are guarana berries, the Yaupon Holly and yerba mate.

There are certain claims that caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world. Just in Northern America 9 out of 10 adult people drink coffee every day. The claim about the psycho-activity is true, since caffeine affects the central nervous system (the brain) and stimulates it.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) list caffeine as the “alertness aid” and says that this substance is generally safe to be used. Caffeine pills are very popular in the US, mostly to increase alertness and remove tiredness.


There aren’t so many substances found to help in so many ways as caffeine.

Caffeine can definitely increase the mental alertness by stimulating your brain. Another good thing about this substance is that it also increases the breathing. The increased flow of oxygen improves concentration, and banishes tiredness, providing some extra energy to work.

If you need to study, caffeine can do wanders for your memory. Many students already know that they can learn much faster and memorize much more when drinking coffee or caffeine tablets. This happens because of the caffeine effects to both, short term and long term memory.

Caffeine can help to clear your thoughts and aid the fight against the depression.

Caffeine is also diuretic in sufficient doses, but regular users develop the tolerance to this effect.

If you experience any pain, caffeine could stop it. Some medications for pain relief (pain killers) are sold combined with caffeine, since it is noticed that these substances together have much greater impact to the painful sensations.

Caffeine is also used to treat many different health conditions, including migraine, respiratory diseases, gallstones, etc. People at risk of developing the liver problems or Parkinson’s disease are advised to use this substance also.

People that want to lose some weight might use caffeine early in the morning, to increase their metabolism and burn the fat.

Many athletes use caffeine to exercise and achieve better results. This powerful substance will increase the strength of your muscles and prevent any potential damage to the muscles, at the same time.

How much is Normal

Two cups of coffee is considered normal and not harmful. If you consume more than that amount you might suffer from caffeine side effects, which include: headache, anxiety, heartburn, nausea, hypertension and irritability. Be aware that consummation of too much caffeine might also cause dehydration.

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