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Hormonal imbalance

When a person has too much or too little of some specific hormone in the body that is hormonal imbalance. Hormones use the bloodstream in order to deliver the messages to the organs and tissue. A group of cells called endocrine glands makes hormones.

The body is a host to many endocrine glands but some of the most important ones are the pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands and pancreas. Hormones are created in the same areas and those are the sexual organs.

Hormone imbalance is a condition that is not supposed to be left untreated. Several serious conditions can occur if that happens. Diabetes is one of them. For instance, if the imbalance takes place in the pituitary glands, growth disorders occur. Hormone imbalance can cause over 6,000 endocrine disorders. There are several stages in life when a person may experience hormonal imbalance and puberty is one of them. Both men and women face hormonal imbalance during puberty. Later in life, women will go through the imbalance when they have given birth to a child.

Hormonal imbalance and baldness

In most cases, people who start losing hair think that it is because of the hair lubricate and launder representing hair loss. People are not aware that hormonal imbalance can be one of the causes of hair loss. Firstly it will lead to hair thinning and then a person will start losing hair pretty hard and in the end will go bald. Hormonal imbalance affects the hair follicles which leads to the weakening of the hair.

A hormone named dihydrotestosterone is what cause androgenic alopecia. The growth of this hormone cannot cause hair loss alone but it can when a person is experiencing some normal behaviors for men like aggression and sexual constrain. This hormone is in connection with the male sexual increase.

When a person is suffering from androgenic alopecia, DHT no longer manages to admit the hair follicles. When that happens, a person slowly starts to lose hair. If a person does not treat this condition when it occurs there is a chance that in time all the hair follicles will decay and little by little start dying. A person will then have the same, weak hair like the newborn babies have.

It is very important and almost essential that a person contacts his or her doctor as soon as some of the symptoms start to appear. If the problem is spotted on time, there are some medications that can help a person keep his or her hair.

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