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Facial tingling is not a condition per se but a symptom of the numerous illnesses. Tingling sensations are usually caused by certain abnormalities of the nerves. Nerve damage for example may be a cause of tingling. Even compression of the nerve may cause tingling sensation. Facial tingling is a symptom of certain illnesses which affect the facial nerve. This nerve innervates facial muscles and once the damage of the nerve occurs the patient may experience many symptoms and signs including facial tingling. Apart from facial tingling a patient usually complains about additional symptoms such as pain of the affected area, muscle spasms, skin rash etc.

Causes of Facial Tingling

As it has been mentioned before facial tingling is a consequence of certain processes which affect the facial nerve. Tingling sensation may occur due to direct damage of the facial nerve or indirect damage when the damage occurs as a consequence of inflammatory processes of the tissues which surround the nerve. Neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis) are only one of the possible causes of facial tingling.

Even though damage of the facial nerve is the leading cause of facial tingling, this sensation may also occur due to improper function or structural damage of several more nerves such as the mandible nerve, the maxillary nerve, the ophthalmic nerve and the trigeminal nerve. Damage of each of the previously mentioned nerves may cause tingling sensation in the area innervated by the particular nerve.

Facial tingling also affects people suffering from shingles. Skin changes in shingles of the face are rather painful and the patient may experience facial tingling right before the outbreak of typical skin blisters. In this case facial tingling is actually introduction to the disease.

Facial tingling may develop due to changes in metabolism. Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland or even nutritional deficiencies may also feature with facial tingling. This particularly refers to deficiency of certain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium etc.

Patients who have undergone maxillofacial surgery or radiation therapy of the face are highly likely to experience facial tingling. Even chemotherapy may cause damage of the facial and other nerves of the face and lead to facial tingling.

The scientists have also found connection between anxiety and facial tingling. Furthermore, facial tingling may be only one of the symptoms of panic attack.

And finally, this sensation can be also an allergic reaction to some foods, may result from excessive alcohol consumption or occur as a side effect of certain medications.

Treatment for Facial Tingling

Treatment for facial tingling basically depends on the underlying cause. If this sensation is caused by inflammation patients are administered anti-inflammatory medications. These medications are also given to patients who additionally suffer from pain. If tingling sensation is caused by anxiety patents may benefit from antidepressants. Nutritional deficits are treated with vitamin and mineral supplements. In other diseases treating the underlying cause helps in withdrawal of tingling sensation.

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