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Information on Eye Jumping

Every person sometimes experiences a strange case of the eye jumping and sometimes it may occur in wrong moments and cause the person to feel embarrassed.

The twitching sensation may just occur in some of the most important moments. Anytime it occurs, it is always a sensation that can be described as unwanted and pretty much annoying. It is sometimes rather hard to relieve this unpleasant sensation. The eye twitching or eye spasm is medically referred to as blepharospasm.

It is best described as an act of involuntary twitching or blinking of the eyelid. The condition gets triggered by abnormal functioning of the basal ganglion.

Basal ganglion is located in the brain and its purpose is to control the muscles which are responsible for the act of blinking. Some studies have shown that these types of abnormalities may even be hereditary.

Causes of Jumping Eye

Eye twitching may be hereditary but it may also be triggered by certain other factors. One of the most common causes of eye twitching is anxiety. It may occur when a person tends to do certain things that may involve nervousness and anxiety.

Anxiety can trigger eye twitching among other different things it can do to the human body. The treatment involves determining what triggers the anxiety itself and learning how to deal with it properly.

Some may confront with the factors that bring anxiety, but that is not always the best solution for everyone. Numerous different relaxation techniques such as yoga, massage and meditation can be of great help for those who suffer from anxiety. Another factor that may cause eye twitching is caffeine. It affects people in different ways and sometimes it may even involve overstimulation of the brain which may lead to the spasms.

One should cut down the daily intake of caffeine as much as possible, because it may lead to improvement when it comes to eye twitching. Sometimes the twitching may be related to the chronic sensation of dryness in the eyes. The twitching may be linked to the eye’s attempts to lubricate the eye in a proper manner.

Eye drops can be of great help for those who suffer from chronically dry eyes. Eye twitching may vary when it comes to different levels of severity of the condition. Sometimes the eye nerves may be pushed against the artery which leads to severe twitching and impaired vision. This condition requires the use of botulinum injections and in some cases even surgical procedure.

Tourette’s syndrome may also be the cause of eye twitching.

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