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A stye is a condition that affects the eye. It is in fact a small boil or pimple on the eyelid resulting from an infection of the eyelash follicle. The most common causer of this infection is Staphylococcus aureus. The infection leads to a blockage of the follicles and it becomes swollen and painful.

Styes usually appear when the body is weakened or the immune system is impaired for different reasons. Since this condition is not particularly dangerous most people do not see a doctor for it although it is sometimes advised because a stye can resemble a chalazion. A chalazion is a lump on the eyelid caused by blocked mucous glands and it is not caused by bacteria.

This condition can also be caused by dirt penetrating the eye and blocking the gland.

A stye can go away by itself without any significant symptoms other that a boil or a lump. But in some cases it can progress, leading to swelling of the eye and in its final stage the stye bursts and discharges pus which makes it difficult and painful to open the eyes in the morning.

The symptoms of a stye are redness of the eyelid, swelling and tenderness pain and blurred vision.

If the stye does not go away by itself or if it keeps recurring, the needed treatment is either medical or surgical. Most cases however are treated with medications, and surgery is necessary only for more severe cases.

Oral antibiotics are usually not prescribed for this condition, because a stye is an inflammation of a follicle or a gland. Antibiotic or cortisone drops or ointments are prescribed instead, and they aim to decrease the number of bacteria in the eyelid and help with swelling.

The best and simplest treatment for a stye are hot compresses applied to the eye as frequently as possible. A hot washcloth should be wrapped in cling wrap or similar item that will keep the heat inside.

The stye will usually drain up by itself with this treatment but if it does not happen, the solution may be a simple surgical procedure for draining the stye.

There are several home remedies that may help remove s stye. One of them is a preparation similar to an herbal tea made with one spoonful of coriander seeds boiled in some water. This remedy is used for washing the eyelids.

Another effective remedy is a decoction made of handful of acacia leaves boiled in two cups of water. This remedy should be used as a compress.

Warmed guava leaves can also be used as a compress against this condition.

A very simple and effective remedy is to simply cut an aloe leaf and apply it to the eye.

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