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Every person in the world knows that there are a lot of eye infections that he or she may end up suffering from. Certain infections are very common and almost every person experiences them at least once during his or her life, while some infections are quite rare. People need to know that eye infections occur due to three causes. These causes are bacteria, fungi and virus. Even though all of these causes lead to different infections, one thing remains the same and that is that all of the infections can be prevented.

Bacterial eye infection

A person who is diagnosed with a bacterial eye infections means that he or she has been infected due to some virus. There are a lot of eye infections that can occur due to some viruses but there are some that are more common than others and they are bacterial conjunctivitis, blepharitis and stye. In case of a bacterial conjunctivitis, it is the conjunctiva that got infected by a virus. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid that occurred in the first place due to an infection is known as blepharitis. When there is an infection that occurred in the tiny oil glands of the eye, a person is thought to be suffering from stye. Every doctor agrees with the fact that eye infections are common because of the fact that eye is one of the most commonly body parts exposed to pathogens that can cause damage. Infections do not occur without a fight because the eye has defensive mechanisms but they do occur when the defenses are somehow compromised.

Symptoms of bacterial eye infection

Not all symptoms are the same and they will depend on the specific type of infection. However, there are some symptoms that occur quite often and they are itching of the eye, redness, swelling in the area around the eye, increased tearing, discharges, crusting formations around the eye and sensitivity to light.

Treatments for bacterial eye infections

People need to know that there are medical treatments available and natural home remedies that will help a person when he or she is suffering from an eye infection. Some of the most common medical treatments are prescribed antibiotic eye drops and ointments, oral antibiotics and manual opening and drainage of stye. There are also some home remedies that people can use like certain herbs that will speed the process of recovery and maintain the good health of the eye. Some of the most commonly used herbs are bilberry, rooibos, sutherlandia frutescens, Echinacea and propolis, among others.

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