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Eyelashes are eye appendages, hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. They have major protective role and prevent debris from entering the eye and also ward off any object which may accidentally enter the eye or damage its surface.

In many cultures long eyelashes have been considered a perfect sign of femininity since time immemorial. This is the reason why many women try to enhance their eyelash length or thickness artificially. Because of the aesthetic value eyelashes have, their loss may be devastating, particularly if one loses all eyelashes within a short period of time. The only way to deal with the problem is to identify the underlying cause and treat it accordingly.

Causes of Eyelashes Falling Out

There is a variety of factors and even medical conditions associated with loss of eyelashes. Being familiar with most of them can help one to either change some routines regarding eyelashes hygiene and manipulation or to apply adequate treatment and eradicate illness responsible for loss of eyelashes.

Frequent Eye Rubbing and Inadequate Makeup

It is OK if we rub our eyes every now and then. But in individuals who have developed a habit of rubbing their eyes frequently and excessively this activity may have negative impact of eyelashes and their follicles.

One more culprit of eyelashes falling out is inadequate makeup. It is essential to check expiring date of every cosmetic product especially those which are applied directly onto the eyelashes or come in close contact with them.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction is one more problem associated with makeup. Some cosmetic products contain harsh chemicals and may directly damage eyelashes or induce an allergic reaction which is a contributor of eyelashes falling out. So, prior opting for some cosmetic product, especially if it is applied directly on the eyes, one needs to test it and check for potential allergic reactions.

Eyelid Infections

Many eyelid infections and other conditions affecting this area may cause temporary loss of eyelashes. The condition can be generally cured, but depending on the severity of the disease and whether the damage to eyelash follicles is reversible or permanent eyelashes will re-grow or their loss remains permanent.

Different Medical Conditions and Medications

Eyelashes may fall out in people suffering from different diseases. For instance, this can occur in case of thyroid problems. Intake of some drugs is another contributor to eyelashes falling out. This issue is common in people undergoing chemotherapy.

To sum up, it is of major importance to identify the actual cause of eyelashes falling out and then chose the most convenient treatment. Only this way the loss can be compensated and new eyelashes will grow, replacing the lost ones.

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