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About Aloe Vera

The beneficial effects of aloe vera products are widely recognized, and many people keep them in their home in case of minor injuries and for cosmetic purposes as well. However, aloe vera can be taken internally too, as a kind of medicine, and its medicinal properties in that sense are also quite astonishing.

Aloe vera products like extract, gel or juice all come from the pulp of the succulent leaf of the aloe vera plant. Today this plant can be even grown at home; so many people have it in their backyard or as an indoor plant. It originates probably from Northern Africa, and peoples of the countries aloe vera is native to have known for centuries about its great medicinal properties.

Today, the market offers an array of aloe-based products in different forms, coming from many different manufacturers.

Aloe vera has long been considered primarily an external remedy, used for cuts, scrapes, burns, blemishes and other ailments, but the research today focuses more and more on its internal uses.

Aloe vera internal consumption

A study performed by the Department of Physiology, University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, has examined the effects of aloe vera ingestion on laboratory rats. They were given aloe in different forms- whole leaf, freeze-dried and charcoal processed.

The research observed different factors, including longevity, metabolism, pathology and physiology. The results shown that aloe consumption, whether crude or processes, prolonged the life span by 10 percent and slowed the mortality rate double time. No negative or toxic effects of aloe occurred, and the ingestion lowered the rate of thrombosis, nephropathy and leukemia.

On the other hand, May Clinic has found that regular oral consumption of aloe vera reduces the risk of lung cancer.

There are more ongoing researches at the moment, some of them focusing on specific effects of aloe vera on specific issues. However, while waiting for the results of the studies to be reported in detail and coherence, many people already use aloe vera internally for various purposes.

Aloe vera consumption has a very positive effect on irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers, and it also acts as a mild and natural laxative, as it promotes contraction of the bowel.

It is also widely used to boost the immune system, purify the boy from toxins, to relieve headache and cough. Some experts even recommend aloe consumption for cancer patents and people who undergo chemotherapy.

Since aloe vera showed no negative side effects on most people when taken internally, it can be consumed by everyone, but it is still necessary to discuss its consumption with a doctor and to determine proper dosages.

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