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Our eyes areone of the most delicate body parts we have. Being such, they caneasily be harmed by numerous illnesses of different types,potentially resulting in blindness or some other, severe issues.

One such problem, related to the eyesis nystagmus involving eyes which move involuntarily in a circular,up and down or left and right manner. If you desire to learn moreabout this condition, read on.

What is Nystagmus Eye

As it was mentioned above, nystagmuseyes are eyes which move even though the affected person does notcontrol it. Such eyes may experience problems when it comes tofixating themselves on a specific object and focusing on it.

This health problem is most commonlycongenital, appearing as soon as the person is born. Nevertheless,some people may get nystagmus eye during later stages of their lives,when they get exposed to certain conditions such as injuries, MS,brain tumors or some other neurological problems. Additionally,Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis or some other illnesses, all many bethe culprit behind nystagmus eye too.

If the cause is congenital, however, ithas no explainable, direct causes. Statistically, in every 1000children, a single gets born with this condition. Sometimes, thisform of nystagmus may stem from some other, underlying conditionslike glaucoma, achromatopsia, congenital cataracts, coloboma orretinophaty, albinism, aniridia or optic nerve hypoplasia.

Furthermore, this condition can beclassified according to its manifestation and the onset of itssymptoms.

When a person suffers from nystagmus,he/she is advised to seek medical treatment since this conditioncommonly goes hand-in-hand with some other health problems related tovision, like far-sightedness or near-sightedness, for example.

Once diagnosed, this condition can betreated with specially designed contact lenses, being considered abetter alternative in comparison to eyeglasses. Basically, thecenters of lenses move along with the eyes and have a therapeuticeffect while glasses stay in the same position even though the eyesmove, having no such positive effect.

Alternatively, those who suffer formnystagmus may need to undergo surgical intervention through which themuscles in the eyes are altered in order to reduce the nullpositions, being the degrees of angle at which we usually keep ourhead positioned.

Certain types of medications can alsobe beneficial for the treatment of nystagmus. Yet, the effects thesehave are temporary and disappear once the drug wears off. Nystagmusdoes not lead to pain. However, it can be a painful condition to dealwith, considering the emotional pressure that people with thisillness need to undergo, being the subject of mockery from childhoodto adulthood.

Headaches and Eye Problems

Some of the illnesses of the eyes,being most frequently connected to headaches are long-sightedness,astigmatism and hardening of the lens of the eye.

In these, and many other cases, theaffected person experiences pain and discomfort once his/her eyemuscles get excessively strained, doing their best to focus one'svision. However, in some cases, the problems with the eyes, relatedwith headaches can be more serious, embodied through illnesses likeglaucoma, demanding immediate treatment.

Speaking of other health problems whichcan result in headaches, we need to mention astigmatism, being acondition where the cornea of the eye is not in shaped properly,displaying blurry images once we look at something from certainangle. People who suffer from this condition commonly squint in orderto better their vision, triggering headaches.

As it was mentioned above,long-sightedness can be the culprit behind headaches too, along withpresbyopia, which is a condition manifesting through hard and rigidlens which can cause eye pain and headaches, among some othersymptoms.

If you experience headaches combinedwith your eye problems, you are advised to seek medical assistance assoon as possible. Your doctor can help you, directing you to theoptometrist if necessary. If the two conditions you are sufferingfrom are related, rest assured that dealing with the eye problem willresult in the removal of headaches. Either way, early detection makestimely and successful treatment possible. Therefore, you are advisedto react as soon as you notice anything strange related to youreyesight or when you realize that you are frequently being botheredby headaches.

To conclude, nystagmus eye is acondition which manifests through strange and involuntary movementsof the eyes in the affected person. Basically, the eyes may move fromleft to right, signifying horizontal nystagmus, or up and down,bearing witness of the vertical variant of this illness. Also, theeye may move in a circular manner, or combine all of the previouslymentioned movements, potentially triggering headaches as well.

Due to the fact that many differentillnesses, some more severe than others, may lead to nystagmus, youare advised to contact your health provider as soon as you notice thesymptoms of this condition and seek proper assistance and treatmentadvice.

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