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It is a widely known fact that the process of aging changesthe visual appearance of every person, and the most dreadful effects of theprocess are usually the ones on the person’s face. One of the most annoyingthings associated with the process of aging is the loosening and sagging of theskin under the eyes, the formation of crow’s feet and the formation of bagsunder the eyes. These annoying symptoms of the aging process take place becausethe soft tissues and the skin under the eyes allow the fatty deposits to bulge.Crow’s feet are caused mainly by prolonged repetition of muscle movements whichoccur when a person squints or blinks. There are numerous different types oftreatment for all these annoying medical conditions, so it is sometimes a toughdecision which one suits the person’s individual needs and preferences thebest. Invasive treatments such as surgery of fillers may provide the patientwith all the desired affects but such treatments are not always the best optionfor everyone, due to a number of different factors such as fears, financialissues and so on.


Those who suffer from crow’s feet around the eyes shouldconsider a daily massage routine accompanied by a potent moisturizer becausesuch treatments are very efficient in keeping the skin as supple as possible.An excellent massage method involves circular motions from the corner of theeyes towards the temple area. This massage needs to be accompanied by apricotoil. This massage needs to be performed on a regular daily basis in order toprovide some satisfying results. Botox can be used in some cases, but there aremuch better alternatives, such as various different forms of skin moisturizerswhich need to be used on a regular basis to keep the skin moist at alltimes. Bags under the eyes are causedmainly by fluid retention and can be treated in numerous different ways. Thosewho want to lessen the appearance of the bags under the eyes may indulge inregular exercising. Topical application of cold teaspoons, ice packs, potatoslices and cucumber slices may also be very helpful for all those who sufferfrom bags under the eyes. One may disperse the fluid by tapping the bagslightly with a finger. It is highly recommended to quit smoking and drinkingand follow a healthy and well balanced diet. Makeup may also be associated withsome of these medical conditions.

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