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If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, you might not feel able to undertake exercise. However, it is important not to become discouraged at the prospect of exercising. Walking is always beneficial with regard to our overall health. The benefits of walking should not be underestimated; it can improve the overall quality of life, improve muscle strength, maintain an ideal weight, improve your mood, socialize, and improve sleep quality.

The benefits of walking for those with osteoarthritis
Walking can improve the overall strength of our muscles. It cannot be said enough times that walking is essential and greatly beneficial. One must try to stay active as much as possible, in order to stay healthy and avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. This kind of activity can be greatly beneficial with regard to building up the strength of ones muscles. Strong muscles can prove beneficial with regard to supporting the joints and improving both balance and posture. As you begin to develop a regular walking problem, you will begin to feel the benefits of doing so.
Regular walking can be very important when it comes to maintaining an ideal weight. Walking burns calories and can help to both maintain and to lose weight. Keeping a proper weight level is vital when it comes to managing the symptoms and pain related to osteoarthritis. If you are carrying extra weight, added strain will be placed on the joints that are affected by osteoarthritis.
Walking regularly can also improve ones mood. Walking can make one feel alive, and this is true whether or not once is walking briskly or not-so-briskly. Walking can be uplifting and reinvigorating. Getting out and about is great for the psyche, and can spark various kinds of motivation. If one is walking, one can also incorporate some light socializing into your regime. If you are walking through your neighborhood, smile and greet those who you encounter and pass along the way. If you smile often enough, you will generally get one in return. Human interaction can make one feel better, and as such it can be considered to be a benefit of exercising through walking.
Walking might help with improving ones quality of sleep. Osteoarthritis patients often complain of disrupted sleep. Pain keeps people awake, so if pain is alleviated through walking, one can be assured of better sleep patterns.
Having considered all of this, if you are still not convinced that walking outdoors is the right choice for you, then it might be advisable to consider using the treadmill as an exercise option.

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