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Obesity is a serious chronic metabolic disorder which increases mortality in people. Obese people can develop diabetes and CVD. Obesity is often accompanied with high blood pressure and high levels of bad cholesterol. Even if obese people reduce their weight minimally they will lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is the result of disrupted hormones. The hormonal regulation of adipocyte TG is changed and this results in human adipose tissue metabolism. Adequate physical training showed positive results in obese people. When exercising oxygen is transferred into muscles. Consequently muscles can start using unlimited lipid stores. If adipose tissue mass is reduced at least a little bit one can move and work better.

Aerobic training is great for obese women. Obese children can benefit from special weight management exercising program. For a beginning an obese child should exercise in 45 minutes sessions several times per week, preferably 3 to 5 times weekly. Adults on the other hand should start with easy trainings that can be conducted with a professional trainer in half an hour sessions. They should train every day. The easiest and safest way of exercising among obese people is walking. They can reduce weight and detoxicate their bodies by having regular walks. Cardiorespiratory fitness is great option for obese people. It will help them reduce weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It will give more energy and enthusiasm and they will feel overall improvement in health. One to one personal training showed even better results than practicing in groups.

Obese people do not have to have endurance training programs that is they do not have to exercise in high intensity to experience good results. Low-intensity endurance exercises are equally beneficial. In fact any type of exercises that will rise your energy will surely help. They will boost your metabolism and help reducing weight. It is even more important to improve your metabolism than to focus on losing weight. Your specialist can help you choose proper dietary plan and exercising program to achieve this.

It is natural and healthy to lose about of 0.5 to 1 pound per week. Therefore you need to be persistent if you want to reduce weight. You need years of regular exercising and healthy diet to achieve desired weight. It is essential to stay as active as possible.

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