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In every human body, spinal discs are present. They make the shocks which can damage the vertebrae more absorbed and less menacing. These shocks, which induce tears, are caused by the movement of the vertebrae. When the damage is done, the outer layer, called annulus, suffers the tear. The inner layer, named nucleus, moves to the point in question. And when all of this occurs, the disc is bulged.

One of the most difficult parts of the condition is the pressure on the nerves, caused by the bulging disc. Many nerves are located in that area, but the very interesting thing about this condition is the cause of the pain. As we know, the spinal disc is very durable and it cannot feel pain. However, this condition causes a severe pain. This pain is produced by the pressure on the nerves, which has already been mentioned. Not only that it causes the pain, but it can also stop some body functions from performing properly. These nerves have a wide spectrum of functions, and depending on the nerve which is under the pressure, different problems can occur.

The example of the issue can be seen in leg troubles, which are caused by the bulging disc in the lower back area. This occurs because the nerves in this region are connected with leg functions. Now we will focus on the treatment. Much contrastive information on this subject is present, so we will try to make it very simple and informative. Firstly, you need to know whether your condition can be treated without the surgery or not. The majority of situations do not have to be treated with an operation, so we will state just a few of those which demand it as a solution. But remember that a specialist has to make the proper diagnosis and recommend the next step in the treatment, so consider this article's purpose as informative. Surgery usually is required when you experience weakness sensation in the extremities or bulging disc in the lower back area. These are the more serious cases which will have to be resolved on the operating table. When we talk about the surgical treatment, only two options are commonly used today. Although there are many operations possible, the two are the most popular. One will remove the disc and connect the two vertebrae and the other will remove the part of the disc bulging. None of these operations are very successful, and the condition generally reoccurs in every fifth case. As for the patients who decide to remove the bulging part of the disc, they will almost certainly experience the problems again, five years after the surgery. We cannot recommend the disc replacement surgery, since it is still in the developing stage. But at the end, we can only state that this disc condition cannot be cured today. Surgery can be done, but only in the cases of desperation. It may produce positive results, but they are usually of short breadth.

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