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Helpful methods of treatment of bulging disc

Besides the fact that medications for alleviating pain and inflammation will be inevitable, some relief might also provide certain exercises, which should be performed only after consulting with the doctor and physical therapist. They will be able to assess whether the person in question is in condition to perform them or not, and if the approval is obtained, then physical therapist will make sure that they are performed in the right manner. It is also very important never to skip the warming up part, because even though it might seem unimportant, it actually prevents injuries. What might also help in curing the bulging disc is massage, because it helps the muscles to relax and it has beneficial influence on the circulation of the blood.

Exercises that help in cases of bulging disc

Knee chest. While lying on the floor, one knee is bent up towards the chest and held with hands until counting to five. The other leg should be straightened and then the starting position should be taken again in order to do the same for the other leg.Knee rolls. While lying on the back, both knees should be rolled to one side first, and then to another. During this movement, the elbows need to be on the floor.Semi sit-ups. This exercise is also done in a lying position, the chin needs to be tucked in, and from such a position, the head and shoulders are slowly lifted from the floor while stretching both hands right between the knees.Back extension. In order to perform back extension, the person has to lie on the stomach and the upper part of the body should be propped up on the elbows, while hips need to remain on the floor. This exercise is not comfortable for every patient who suffers from bulging disc, which is why it has to be done slowly. If everything is all right, the position should be held for 30 seconds.Therapy ball exercise. The person needs to have an exercise ball in order to perform this exercise, and the only thing that is required is to sit on it in an upright position, trying to bounce on the ball, but gently, of course. This is considered as one of the funniest exercises and it is recommended to perform it 5 to 6 minutes on a daily basis.

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