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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is problem of the nervous system which usually appears in children. Kids suffering from this disorder very quickly lose any interests in things happening around them and seem to be hyperactive. Some specialists claim that proper parental guidance may be all the parents need to resolve this problem, but it might not be the only available therapy. What you should know, if you have a child suffering from ADHD, is that this condition has to be treated, or the affected person may live with this problem even as an adult.

Herbal ADHD Treatment

Children with ADHD may be successfully treated with some herbal remedies. In general, you should be especially careful when giving any drug or remedy to children and the same rule applies to herbal treatments. Make sure to consult your doctor prior to any kind of herbal therapy for your child. Herbs commonly used for ADHD treatments are: ginseng, pine extract, ginkgo biloba or oral flower essences. Another useful remedy for this disorder is melatonin.

Diet for ADHD

Many parents don’t want to expose their children to chemicals or potential dangers of either prescription drugs or some remedies. Dietary approach as the attention deficit disorder therapy is therefore appreciated much more than any other available treatments for this problem. Diet changes are not so drastic to affects child’s health and there are no adverse effects associated with this type of treatment.

Scientists have identified links between the thing we eat and the condition and function of our human system. That’s why doctors may advise you to try to modify or change your kid’s diet in order to cure his or her ADHD.

Diet types

Two of most appreciated diets for children diagnosed with ADHD are Feingold diet and diet with sugar limitation. Feingold diet primary goal is to eliminate all salicylates. This is completely natural diet but some children may have difficulties to accept such changes. Nevertheless, parents of little patients who adapted to Feingold diet have reported good results and positive behavioral changes.

Another option for dietary treatment of ADHD is to avoid any unnecessary sugar and switch to high protein diet. Excess sugar has been reported not to affect hyperactivity. However, too much sugar in the diet may cause your child to feel like sedated. Plenty of proteins and essential fatty acids in the diet have been proved to have many benefits, especially for kids suffering from ADHD. Essential fatty acids have two distinctive and positive effects, such as proper nutrition of the nervous system and better functionality of the brain as well.

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