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Weight problem is becoming a problem of many people. It could be said that this is because of cheap junk food, easily available, because of too much stress, which is partially alleviated with food, because of physical inactivity, etc. But the truth is that people simply eat too much and enjoy in that process. And when obesity comes, most of them are not even willing to change things, they like the current situation too much.

The problem

This does not mean that the problem will go away if a person is no thinking about it. Excessive weight problem needs to be eliminated since that is the only way to prevent certain medical issues which might prove to be very dangerous for the human organism. This is what people should know about this excessive weight problem, which is definitely one of the biggest medical issues of the world today.

Starving will not get you anyway unless you are so mentally strong that after dieting process another diet starts. These fast diets which offer extreme weight loss in the matter of days might truly be effective when it comes to weight reduction, but that weight is consisted of water and proteins too, not only of fat tissue. That is why, if fast diet is not followed by some other diet which is less restrictive, the lost pounds will return at some point. Fat tissue is not the only thing eliminated in fast diets because of the interesting paradox. When fewer calories are inserted in body through food, the body will activate self-defense mechanism, which will save fat tissue. This is because body does not know that cutting calories is intentional.

The shape

The shape of the body changes with increased number of pounds. But, it has to be said that a few pounds, even some more, are not problematic for the organism, especially if there are strong muscles present, which can carry the body easily. But, the shape is still the problem. Actually, modern world does not have mercy for people who are not fit and who do not posses perfect, attractive bodies, which is completely wrong, of course. Shape of the body is not essential; the mind in the body is what matters. But, it is not easy to reach that state of tolerance and thinking and therefore, people exercise wanting an attractive body, but along the way, they strengthen their organism and become healthier, which is the main point.

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