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Information on Essential Oil

Essential Oil can be used for a virtually endless number ofmedicinal and other purposes.

Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oil can be used for steam inhalation which may beof great help for all those who suffer from different types of respiratoryproblems. Most commonly used essential oils include angelica, thyme,eucalyptus, sage, myrtle, niaouli, cypress, lemon, mountain pine, lemon grass,cedar, ocean pine, hyssop, chamomile and tea tree oil. Essential oils can alsobe used for the therapeutic massages which are very efficient in stimulatingthe lymph fluids and the blood flow. Most commonly used essential oils include almond,iris, hazelnut, sandalwood, jojoba, orange, wheat germ, cinnamon, coconut,ylang-ylang, olive, rose, aloe vera, jasmine, rosemary, honey, lemon,tangerine, lavender, juniper, mimosa, lemon verbena, orange, birch, rosewood,Swiss pine, cedar, lemon grass, neroli, queen of the meadow, geranium,bergamot, chamomile, balm and petitgrain. Essential oils can also be used asbody and facial oils in order to nourish the skin efficiently. They can also beused with fragrancers which are small containers for water which are heated bya candle. The top bowl needs to be filled with an essential oil which releasesthe fragrance when heated by the candle underneath.

Essential oils can be used as an excellent addition to adaily shower and they can also be sprayed over the coals during most saunasessions in order to aid the process of detoxification and cleansing. Mosttypes of essential oils can also be added to a hot tub or a Jacuzzi in order tofurther enhancing the soothing and relaxing qualities of the two. Essentialoils can also be used to make room sprays and they can be used to perfume thepillow in order to ward off insomnia.

Most essential oils are also very important ingredients inthe production of different sorts of perfumes. They can be used all over thebody as a solution or on certain body parts in the form of a stronglyconcentrated blend. Essential oils can be used as pomanders and they can be usedon a handkerchief for inhalation. They can also be used for the freshening ofthe shoe rack and they can even be used as improvised humidifiers. They can also be sprinkled over the logsbefore lighting a fire in order to provide a wonderful scent. Essential oilsare also often used for the production of scented candles.

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