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Vetiver Oil

Vetiver is a perennial tall grass which originates from India. Besides India, vetiver is grown in Indonesia, Haiti, and the Reunion Islands. Vetiver oil is obtained from its roots, which is long and branched.

Its strong smell is a combination of herbal, woody, sweet and balsamic notes. Vetiver oil has radiant and intense fragrance which becomes even richer over time.

Oil color is a dark gold, brown or amber, and its consistency is thick as a syrup. The smell of oil varies depending on the place where vetiver is grown. Oil from Reunion Island and Haiti is sweet and floral, while oil from Java has a nuance of smoke. One of the best vetiver oils is the oil made of wild vetiver called Khus, which grows in northern India, the provinces of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Harayana and Madhya Pradesh.

Wild vetiver oil is more expensive than oil made of cultivated vetiver, and hardly available on the commercial market outside India, because its popularity in the country is very high, mainly because of its medicinal properties. Vetiver oil is used in folk medicine as a sedative tool, against headaches and stress.

Vetiver Oil Health Benefits

Vetiver essential oil regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, feeds and moisturizes the skin. It is common ingredient of cosmetics for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

Vetiver essential oil also shows antiseptic properties, improves blood circulation and removes spasms. Besides that, it removes the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

This oil encourages the production of red blood cells and pancreas functioning.

Vetiver essential oil has shown outstanding effects in the anti-stress therapy and treating sleep disorders. It calms the central nervous system so it is sometimes called oil of peace.

Vetiver oil enriches massage oils and baths in aromatherapy. It is well combined with citruses.

Vetiver is a very common component of perfume compositions. Vetiver is also used as an ingredient of after shave lotions, colognes and high-class soaps. Vetiver is also a useful insect repellent.

Use of Vetiver Oil

Vetiver essential oil can be used in various ways. It finds the greatest use in aromatherapy. Vetiver essential oil achieves the best effects by directly entering into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is best to use vetiver oil in the form of a bath or inhalation. But this oil should not be used without prior consultation with the specialist because it may cause adverse effects if a person is sensitive to this plant.

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