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A Brief Introduction

Aromais the Greek word for spice. By that, aromatherapy would involve aparticular branch of herbal medicine, applying various fragrances asmeans of treatment.

Duringaromatherapy, various essential oils are used to improve both thephysical as the emotional well-being of the treated individual.Namely, they are used to restore balance to the entire body.

Aromatherapyis one of the most popular alternatives of healing therapy today.

What is their historyof use?

Plantswith medical properties were discovered by the Chinese (about 4500B.C.). They were first used as offerings to the Gods and as a meansof preserving corpses in preparation for the next world.

Lateron, they also played a huge role in bathing and massaging (in thebody culture of Greece).

However,the medical qualities of essential oils were first noted in thewestern world (about 14thand 15thcentury). Namely when the plaguebroke out, various plants were burnt in order to disinfect entireareas which were believed to be infected.

However,the term "aromatherapy" itself was coined by a Frenchman(Rene Maurice Gattefosse) when he had accidentally burnt his hand inthe laboratory, and then quickly dipped it into some lavender oil.At his amazement, the burn had healed much faster than expected.

How are these oilsused and what are their benefits?

Firstand foremost it is important to stress that these oils may be used tobenefit both physical and the mental aspect of a certain patient.That is to say that, when inhaled, these oils both support the systemas well as they improve the patient's mood.

Someof the most common oils out there would include: Lemon, Lavender,Bergamot, Juniper, Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile, and so forth.

Theoils may be either massaged in or inhaled. When massaged in, theymay relieve pain, promote healthy circulation and ultimately restorethe whole person's health to balance.

Onthe other hand, inhaling these oils may benefit the person's nervoussystem, limbic system and mood. This method would also increasealertness.

Thanksto the Internet as a powerful medium of spreading information, manypeople today are turning to essential oils as a means of curinglifestyle diseases and such. Today, aromatherapy is used for: skincare, hygiene, body treatment, mood enhancement, aphrodisiac, insectrepelling, form freshening, and so forth.

Andlastly, when it comes to a couple's sex life enhancement, the use ofessential oils brings no news. This quality of theirs has been knownand applied for centuries today. Namely, they were, and still are,regularly used in massage rituals between couples.

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