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The focus of this text will be thrown on the ylang ylangessential oil, which is popular due to numerous benefits and its aroma. In the followinglines, we will see which properties of this oil there are. Cananga odorata is thebotanical name for ylang ylang and it comes from Indonesia and Philippines.This is a tree that has several other names such as macassar oil plant,fragrant canaga, ilang-ilang and canaga tree. The flowers of ylang ylang, whichis translated as "flower of flowers", are used for the production ofextracted oil. In the locations we have mentioned, this tree is very popular forcosmetic and decorative purposes.


The oil is extracted from the cananga odorata flowers, which have sweet smelland yellow color. They go through distillation process and then we get ylang ylang essential oil. The process of fractional distillation is used fortheir production, so several grades of this essential oil are available in themarket. The name fractional distillation is due to the fact that despoliation isdone in fractions and not in one take. So we can buy any grade, but the quality of the grades depends on the manufacturer. The length of the distillationis used for separating the grades and their quality. So we have ylang ylang, which is distilled for 3 hours and ylang ylang extra, which has gone throughthis process for one hour. In ylang ylang essential oil, there are chemicals such as sesquiterpenes, benzylbenzoate, benzyl acetate, methyl benzoate, p-cresyl methyl ether,caryophyllene, geranyl acetate and linalool. The finest and purest form of theylang ylang essential oil is extra form and has highest quantity of esters.Aromatherapy cannot use this type of ylang ylang essential oil, while ylangylang complete is the resultant oil. This is the most wide spread type of thisoil.


Some of the properties that this oil contains are Nervinem, hypotensitive,aphrodisiac, antiseborrhoeic, sedative, antidepressant and antiseptic. It canreduce effects of impotency, insomnia, stress and anxiety due to euphoticabilities. Use of ylang ylang essential oil can help with the hair growth,improve well-being, and reduce stubbornness, anger, skin problems, acne andsimilar problems. You can put it in carrier oil and use it for bathing, orinclude it in bathing water. Adding few drops in boiling water and steaming,with a towel over your head, is a good idea. These were some benefits and properties of ylang ylang essential oil, but rememberthat lactating and pregnant women cannot use this oil due to some health risksinvolved. Nausea and severe headache can be caused because of its sweet smell.

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